Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design

3D printing

Rapid Prototyping

I operate and maintain a z-corp 3d color printer that uses gypsum as its primary build material. It builds thousands of paper thin layers of plaster in order to reproduce a prototype. Designs and images can be projected on to the surface , and prototypes can be infused with binder to strengthen the model.

Fused Deposition Modeling

This printing process allows me to create prototypes from extruded plastics and utilizes a support material during the build process to reduce warping. I have used Dimension sst printers and am familiar with the construction and operation of makerbots. I am familiar with operation and maintenance of both of these machines as well.




This program allows me to build, scan and manipulate virtual objects and produce file formats that printers and cutters can work with. Rhino is a N.U.R.B.S modeling program.


Blender is a powerful open source free modeling program similar to Rhino or other modeling programs

Master Cam

This program translates lines into G code that the cnc equipment can understand.

ReplicatorG, Repitier, Cura & Catalyst

These program allows me to operate fused deposition printers that use extruded plastics, ReplicatorG is an open source program that works with makerbots, and  catalyst operates the the Dimensions sst printer.

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