Artist Statement



At the core of my creative process is the need to create an object that people can interact with.  I am inspired by seeing others express themselves through something that I made. Interaction ranges from dialog to expression through movement.


The objects I create are meant as a platform for communication. Presenting them to the public produces a forum in which participants can start a conversation and gain perspective. I am satisfied with a piece when it is a catalyst rather than a focal point.  


Often my work is a visual representation of a question. The integrity of the question is important, and I strive to create an object that is activating a perspective within the viewer’s experience rather than mine. My visual vocabulary directs the viewer, but they see the world from their own perspective.


Feedback from those who experience my work becomes essential for new concepts. Although questions are not always answered the process propels me into new avenues of exploration, with new questions allowing a continual state of discovery and excitement in the studio. I am forever in debt to those who view my work and share their experience with me.    







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