Ceramics all kinds of differences


Kiln Building

If you build it they will come.

Building a kiln is a right of passage. The first kiln I built was a simple raku kiln made of kaowool.  Since then I have dig pits, cut bricks and built burners in the pursuit of understanding how the magic happens. I have built a down draft salt kiln, an up draft reduction kiln, and am currently in the process of constructing a car kiln.

Mold Making


I use molds for everything from handles to figures. I have use approaches including multi part and press molds made from  bisque clay, plaster and wood.


A vessel a blank canvas.

My philosophy of glazing is complex at best. I have always taken great care in consideration of my glaze use. Yet I often take daring risks to find bold new combinations. It is my belief that a bisque vessel is the same as a freshly stretched canvas prime for painting.

Screen Print on Clay

The message on the bottle

As a true mixed media artist I often find my techniques and media cross pollinate producing something altogether new and exciting. This was the case early on in my screen printing exploration. I spent two years researching and experimenting with glazes, slips and stains in order to find what would work on my cone ten clay bodies. I also have developed techniques to put imagery on a rounded form such as a pot.

Cabrillo College

Home away from home

Much of my ceramic knowledge was accumulated by the expert teachings of the briliant ceramic artists at Cabrillo college.

San Jose State University

The network over the hill

Two intense years of immersion in the San Jose ceramics department gave me the polishing and connections required to move ahead in the ever increasingly talented world of fine art ceramics.

Indiana University

Midwestern Dream

As a graduate from another department it was an honor to study in one of the premier ceramics programs in the country. The faculty welcomed me to participate in discussions, critiques and  utilize facilities with no strings attached. Some of the most valuable feedback of my graduate career came from the ceramics department and it’s Faculty.

Thrownstone Studio

My Santa Cruz Studio

With the beauty of the redwoods surrounding and a creek wrapping around I could not ask for a better place to create ceramic art.

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