Public and private commissions.

I have worked on a variety of commissioned projects  from individuals to organizations. Many times people approach me with an idea in mind, others want me to design and create works based on my personal style and perspective. Listed below are some of the most recent works I have created for clients.

2 Hoosier Energy comission

The Hoosier Energy commission is the largest and most prestigious commission I have had the privilege to receive.   In October of 2013 I was contacted to submit a budget for a large scale bronze figure sculpture for Hoosier Energy’s new corporate headquarters.  By April 2014 Hoosier Energy had approved the budget. Installation of the sculpture as a focal point of the new complex  was set for October 2014 . Months before the building will be finished the sculpture stands as a symbol of teamwork and the hard working individuals that made the co-op what it is today. This piece stands twenty feet tall and includes two six foot tall figures and a telephone pole, all made of bronze. The piece is located in Bloomington, Indiana and is engineered to withstand the elements including tornadoes and earthquakes.



Golden comission1

Breadth is a piece created for the Golden Family in Palo Alto California. When they approached me it was of the utmost importance to them that my personal style was reflected. Another integral aspect of this piece was that it needed to reflect the surroundings in which it would reside. I utilized the color and overall landscaping as inspiration in the design of this work. It was important for me to juxtapose the organic of the trees with the man made such as the architecture. I accomplished this through material choices, and integrated the harmony of the nature and culture by utilizing a similar form for both the redwood portion and the bronze element on top. It is also reflected in the duality of mirroring intertwined overall forms.  Last but not least the size and placement of the piece needed to blend in yet stand out and tie the landscaping together filling a gap in the flow of the area.




Piggy banksPiggy was a piece I designed and created for the Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools. This commission was to create 30 piggy banks that were unique enough differentiate themselves from the run of the mill piggy bank that could be purchased by the average consumer.  The piggy banks were then decorated by the board members, staff and their family members and distributed through out the community as part of a fund raiser designed to collect money for educational grants. The work was feature in the local newspaper and revered by the community as a symbol of generosity. As a result many were interested in purchasing the individual piggy banks when the fundraiser was over.  An auction was held and all available banks were sold giving once again to the community.




commissonIndigenous is a piece created for the Petersen/Emanuel  Family in Santa Cruz California. A long time family friend approached me interested in commissioning me to make a piece for her garden. Her only requests were that the piece blend harmoniously into the flow of the garden, and that it be my piece. She let me have 100% creative control over every aspect of the work.  This piece was created to reflect the majesty of the redwood forest as well as the animals that surrounded the piece. It was important the the piece not be any larger than any of the individual shrubs in the garden. I also used a pallet of earth tones to give reverence to natural surroundings rather than compete with it. This work was seen by the Golden family and is what prompted them to contact me with the desire to own a piece similar in design and concept.



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